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Data mining is the discovery of previously unknown and potentially
useful predictive relationships in large volumes of data. Data mining is
widely used in marketing, finance, and commerce (1). Each time you
use your Safeway Club CardŽ or your Visa card, information about
your purchase is placed into large databases which are periodically
"mined" to discover relationships in purchasing habits, to allow the
vendors to suggest companion purchases, adjust inventory, and
tailor advertising to your particular shopping habits. The analysis
methods used in data mining derive from statistics and machine
learning, and they are equally applicable to data from say, the
Human Genome Initiative or a drug discovery project, as to shopping
or credit card transactions. However, almost all existing data mining
books and courses are aimed at commercial applications and users

1. Michael J. A. Berry and David Linoff, Data Mining Techniques: For Marketing,
Sales, and Customer Relationship Management, Wiley, New York, 2004.
2. For example, the Central Connecticut State University Program in Data
Mining, http://www.ccsu.edu/datamining/.

Online Introduction to Scientific Data Mining
This course is designed to bridge the gap between the commercial
world and the scientific world in the application of data mining
techniques to large data sets. The goal of the course is to equip
scientists and graduate students in the chemical and biological
sciences, who may have a minimal background in statistics, with
basic data mining tools and strategies that they can apply in their
own research and knowledge discovery. It does this in an online
learning environment that is more accessible, collaborative, and
individualized than classroom learning

Some Data Mining Links

Weka software
This is a popular Java-based open source program for common data
mining applications.

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Web Page
This site features links to other data mining sites, and a weekly
newsletter for data miners.

Data Mining White Paper
A highly readable introduction to data mining techniques.
Data Mining