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About the instructor

About me

I began my professional career as a pharmacist, and after ten
years of "count & pour, lick & stick", I went back to school to get
my PhD in pharmaceutical chemistry at Oregon State. I became
interested in computer-aided drug design, and did a postdoc at
Penn State, where I also worked for two years at Minitab, Inc. I
moved to California, where I worked from 1984-2005 as a scientific programmer for Elsevier-MDL, a software house that provides chemical structure databases and software for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Since 2005 I have been pursuing an MS(Ed) in Online Learning at CSUEastBay, and teaching computers to kids in the East Bay area. Throughout my career, I have coached age-group and high school swimmers.

Some links of interest:

My resume
I have a list of publications somewhere, too

St Leander School
I teach computer classes to 1st-8th graders at St. Leander School in San Leandro.

Calvary Lutheran School
I teach computer classes to 3rd-8th graders at Calvary Lutheran in San Lorenzo.

Summer swim team
We're the Sharks - perpetually at the bottom of the rankings - but we have a lot of fun!