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Prayers of thanksgiving for my friend, MaryEllen. She had a quadruple bypass on Weds. and is doing okay. Continued prayers for no complications as she heals.

June 17, 2011

My friend MaryEllen will have open heart surgery tomorrow morning at 7am eastern time. She has 4 blocked arteries and is a diabetic on dialysis daily. Please pray for a successful surgery and complete recovery. She is 70 years old and is a wonderful woman of faith. My sister has been with her all day and says that she appears to be very calm and relaxed about everything.
Thank you. Holly

June 16, 2011

Prayers of healing for Sylvia Meade who was just readmitted for a possible blood clot.

Please pray for Amy Sosa, our 1st grade teacher. She fell while walking her dog and broke her hand. She has an appointment with an orthopaedic doctor tomorrow to assess the break and determine if surgery will be needed for her hand. Pray for wisdom for the doctor, and healing for Amy.

Please pray for Eric Cooper who is having nasal surgery tomorrow to improve his breathing.
Darlene Goldhammer

Please pray for MaryEllen Wheatman (like a 2nd mom to me) she lives in PA and was hospitalized late Monday night with fluid in her lungs and congestive heart failure. She is now having a heart cath. procedure done. Prayers for God's will and peace and strength for her and her loved ones as they sit by her side.

June 15, 2011

I just received a phone call from my daughter Jessica, who told me that her husband Andrew's Uncle, Peter, died from a massive heart attack this evening. He was 65 and leaves a grieving family. Prayers of comfort for the entire family and for all who will be travelling to pay their respects.
Thanks and blessings, Pastor

I want to thank all of you for your prayers on my and my family's behalf over the course of the past few weeks. They have had a truly miraculous effect upon us. The doctors are very pleased with my progress and I have been released to return to ministry responsibilities and duties. I will be returning to the pulpit this Sunday to celebrate worship and communion with you and am excited to do so. Once again, our God has been working in ways that truly show the depth of His love and care for us, and the amazing power of intercessory prayer.
Thank you all and may God bless your day, Pastor

The daughter of a dear friend of almost 50 yrs. has developed a rapid growth of precancer cells in her breast. She had the other breast removed for cancer 5 yrs. ago. Prayers that the treament program will eradicate the cancer cells and provide hope and comfort to the family . Maren Giannini

Prayers of thanksgiving, Sylvia Meade is home. She has to take it easy but she is doing well.

June 14, 2011

Our neighbor Doug Clark is going in tomorrow, June 13, for surgery that will prepare him for major heart surgery in July. Please pray that all will go well.
Howard and Darlene Goldhammer

June 12, 2011

Please keep Thomas Caspersen's fiance, Amanda in prayer. She was deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Prayers of healing for Velma Sprehe, Carol Liston's mom. She is being treated for pneumonia and sepsis and is not doing well. Prayers for Carol as she considers her mother's condition and how to respond to it.

Got a call last evening from Louise Woodard....she wanted prayer for her 3 yr old great grandson who was attacked by a pit bull. Damage to face and back of neck. Is recovering but will take a while. Dave Mueller

Sent by Frank Mitchell: Received from my cousin in Canada...
Dear Friends,
I just have to share the good news that I received today. The surgeon told me that the cancer was completely enclosed in the area which he removed. The other two areas which were questionable are not malignant. All that remains now is for me to have radiation and hormone pills. This will start in July. Thank-you all for your prayers,
Janet Hines

From Annette English: Praise God!!! My friend Lynn who had breast cancer one year ago is cancer free!!After having 13 lymph nodes removed, chemo, radiation and now is on therapy pills has had a clear MRI,PET and CAT scan Yeah!!!Lynn would like to thank everyone for their prayers and the beautiful prayer quilt.

Also, My friend Nyla needs your prayers for comfort, her aunt, Gloria Nagy passed away from cancer on Friday. It had spread through her whole body. She was in her late 50's.

June 09, 2011

Prayers of thanksgiving, Sylvia's surgery went well, she is in recovery and will hopefully come home in a couple of days.

My father-in-law, Angelo's surgery went well also. They were able to completely remove the cancer and do some cosmetic surgery. No further treatment will be needed, Praise the Lord! Holly

Prayers of praise, Steve Ellis is out of surgery. Things went well, he had two more stents put in and is expected to come home tomorrow. Continued prayers for his heart to be strengthened and his energy level to increase.

Sylvia Meade is having vascular surgery today at Hayward Kaiser. Prayers for a successful outcome. She was very nervous just prior but placed herself in our Lord's hands to guide the staff and watch over her continuously. Maren

Please pray that Steve's angioplasty is successful and no further treatment is needed. Also prayers for strength and healing during the days that follow as he had a difficult time regaining his strength after the last two angioplasty. Not known if this is due to medication adjusting, or due to the process of healing. Thanks to everyone for your prayers!

Please pray for my father-in-law, Angelo who will being having a procedure done today to remove skin from his face that is cancerous. Pray that they are able to remove it all without having to do plastic surgery and for the results to treatable. Help him to have a calm spirit. Thank you. Holly Contier

Baby girl Fesmire was born last night around 10PM. Mother and baby are doing fine.
Thank you for your prayers, Gloria Day

June 08, 2011

Heatherís Matron of Honor Stephanie Fesmire is in labor. She is considered high risk. Please pray for a smooth delivery and that she and the baby are OK.
Thank you, Gloria Day

June 07, 2011

Prayers for Kevin Pye who will be having surgery on Tuesday, June 14 on his leg caused by an old injury.

Prayers of comfort for Cole and Colin Jackson - students at Calvary. Their grandmother passed away.

Pastor Jimís niece, Donna is requesting prayers for her step daughter Cora who will be having back surgery for scoliosis on Monday. She is 12 years old. Thank you.

A quick note to let all know we are home, Jim has had his shower, eating a chicken bread, I will fix him a latte and he will be one happy man. He loves his freedom and to be home. What an experience! We came home with a bag of meds and he will need two shots in the tummy a day. Blood test on Monday for warfarin and vit D count. You will probably hear from him tomorrow.
Thank you all. We are happy. :) Kath

June 03, 2011

Prayers and assistance: Please read this letter from Martin Luther School in Joplin, MO that suffered much damage in the recent tornado.

Stephen and Maggie Oliver are Missionaries at China Lutheran Seminary in Hsinchu, Taiwan.
Please pray for mother and baby--also help for dad Stephen. They have 2 boys, 2 and 4 years old.Maggie has completed the 30th week of pregnancy yesterday (7 months completed and two months to go), but has been having too many contractions and her cervix even opened half a finger, so the doctor put her on complete bed-rest at home with anti-contraction medicine. She will see the doctor again next Wednesday, and if she is still in the danger zone for premature delivery, she will have to stay in the hospital like last time so that they can control everything better. I still have one more week of school so have become very very busy with everything involved. But we also have many to help us, especially the Lord!
In His Love,Stephen

Wednesday night up-date: Jim was moved out of ICU and now shares a room with another guy, has a bathroom (but can't take a shower yet), phone (but we couldn't find it when it was was in a drawer), we do "walk abouts" around the unit's circle, he still tires easily but was up most of the day. He likes to be able to move. His body needs to get use to the warfarin and then he can come home...hopefully tomorrow. I might have to give him a shot in his stomach for a couple days but not sure the doc will let me (I did give shots to horses, goats, cats and dogs...can't be much different :) His hair is a grease mess. I tried dry shampoo but didn't do much so after giving him a sponge bath, I put baby powder all over him and in his hair. He smelled nice and felt better. Helped a little with the hair. He loved all the Get Well Cards. So sweet and some really good artists at Calvary. Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes. Pray he gets to come home tomorrow.
Love, Kath

June 02, 2011

Jim's results...originally he had a 100% clogged front artery that leads to his lower heart and they were able to put in a stent and also remove a blood clot. His lower and upper heart aren't in sync right now but they hope it will correct itself. They are worried about blood clots forming, so he will be on 2 aspirin, plavex, and warfarin for a couple months with many blood tests. He has to stay in the hospital one or two more days til his body gets use to regulate the warfarin. He will be moved to the cardiac unit tomorrow and will come home maybe Thursday. He still tires easily so visiting is limited. The docotrs are pleased and Jim is in good spirits. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.
Please pray for continued healing and a patient man. :) Kath

There will be Men's Bible Breakfst this week, June 2nd. They will start on Galatians.

June 01, 2011